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It’s more than just unsettling when rodents invade your space, it can be extremely dangerous. Rats, mice, and other annoying rodents carry various diseases that can easily be transmitted to you and your loved ones, not to mention they can cause major damage to your home or commercial space.

To protect both your family and your biggest investment, trust the professionals here at Skyhawk Pest Control. Our Meridian rodent control quickly and safely eradicates rodents from your home for good.

It’s not ideal to share your space with rodents, which is why our Meridian rodent control services make it so you don’t have to. We use cutting-edge products paired with proven methods and extensive training to ensure we get the job done correctly the first time. This provides you with the peace of mind you deserve. When you trust our Meridian rodent exterminators to reclaim your home, you can expect:


  • An initial inspection and evaluation to identify where rodents are nesting, allowing us to treat the infestation at its source.
  • A tailored solution that uses a combination of bait and traps, strategically placed where rodents are most active.
  • Follow-up service 4-6 weeks later to ensure rodents are gone for good.
  • Flexible scheduling that works with your busy lifestyle to give you relief when you need it.
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee—we’ll re-treat for free if you spot rodents between regularly scheduled visits.
Skyhawk Pest Services - Boise Pest Control

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Skyhawk Pest Services - Boise Pest Control

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